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well there [Apr. 25th, 2010|09:59 am]
despite the recent insane long distance attacks on me by an ex girlfriend who told me that i am more involved in self stroking whore around promotions, i still have to put a few bits of info out there.
first, i liked the "saving lives" story, maybe it lost some steam when it went on into "credit system suicide", but i am ok with that, i infer that it was not as, well , rifled with slicy one liners that curl like purple embers, but i am also ok with that.

second, i am still trying to tie together a manuscript of a very long story written so long ago that I am not even certain that I wrote it. it is my hope, that this is the short novel that gets accepted.

if you, and yes you, want to help will out a little, theres a few things that would help


go there and write anything in the vote field at the bottom, anything you say, should count as a vote for me to get a book deal with open heart publishing, even if you write, that i am a slouch jawed yokel, if you are feeling extra frisky, buy the book im in from there, who knows, maybe it will be worth, less than zero at one point in time far off.

and trust me i disagree with my x, she brings up points, but the tone of an angry x girlfriend over seven states of copper telephone wire is enough to make anyone doubt their own existence.